Jennifer Lane - President

Jennifer has been passionately involved in the LGBTQ community in Alberta for many years. A human rights activist and lover of all things change, she is hoping to bring equality to all members of the town of  Cochrane. 

ty litschke - director

Ty has a passion for the community of Cochrane and the issues that arise within it as a result of coming out. Ty wants to be a resource to those working through the same issues he did identifying within the LGBTQ + community in Cochrane. He finally feels at home in this community and wants to spread that sense of belonging and love to others.


Jared is a part of Your Life Out because he truly believes love is love regardless of what your sexual orientation is. He is on the board not only to support the LGBTQ+ community but to promote equality, help people in need, and to stand up for what is right! All humans deserve to live comfortably in their skin. He wants to ensure nothing holds us back from that.

vacancy - contact us for more informaiton

vacancy - contact us for more informaiton

Mariana barney- VP

Mariana is an active member and advocate for the LGBTQ+ Community. She had struggled as a youth with her sexual preference and felt a lot of guilt as a part of that process. She wants to ensure youth and members within the LGBTQ+ community of Cochrane don't have to feel that sense of guilt, rather a community of love and support.